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What is an e-Visa?

An e-Visa is an easiest way to get permit of entry into the Kyrgyz Republic. All you need to do is to complete the online application form and pay with your credit/debit card instead of applying through the Kyrgyz mission. After receiving your e-Visa confirmation through this portal, you can enter the Kyrgyz Republic during e-Visa validity period. Presently you can use your evisa only if you are travelling via Manas International Airport, Osh International Airport and Ak-dzol checkpoint.

How long does it take to get my e-Visa?

After you pay and submit your e-Visa application it takes not less than 3 working days to make a decision.

Who is eligible for e-Visa?

Citizens of certain countries are eligible for the e-Visa provided that they meet required criteria. To find out these criteria, go to Main Page, click on Apply for a visa button and select your Country, Type of Travel Document and Visa Type.

Do I have to obtain a visa if I do not leave the international transit area?

No. You do not have to obtain a visa if you are not going to leave the international transit area.

Can I choose the language I complete the application form in?

No, you must fill in the application form in English.

After submission I have realized that some of the information that I provided in the e-Visa application requires correction. What should I do?

The process of application consists of certain steps. In the step Preview & Confirmation you have possibility to check once again, correct and confirm your data. After making payment You cannot change your data and must create a new e-Visa application.

I have submitted first step of application and received verification email. Is there any time limit for making verification?

Yes. For security reasons verification email is valid only for 72 hour. You should make verification within 72 hours after receiving email otherwise, your application will be canceled and you will have to start a visa application once again.

Can I continue my e-Visa application if I am forced to leave it unfinished?

Yes. Just enter into the section Continue application and enter your reference number. You will proceed to the steps which you have not completed yet.

How will I know the status of my e-Visa application?

You can know the status of your e-Visa application via this portal. Just enter the section Check status and enter your reference number. You will proceed to Application Status page where you can get information about status of your e-Visa application.

I completed my application but haven't received any confirmation from you. Did you get my application?

Please, check 'spam' and 'junk' folders as well. If this does not help, you should submit a new application and indicate different email address.

What does the CVV/CVC/CVC2 number mean?

CCVV/CVC/CVC2 for Visa and MasterCard is the final three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the back of your card.

How much is a visa fee?

Visa fee depends on visa category, type and period.

How do I pay for my application?

After final checking and confirmation of your application you will proceed to payment step and make payment via standard electronic payment system.

Should the card be under my name?

No. The card does not have to be under your name.

Can I get an invoice?

We cannot provide an invoice for your payment. Once a successful payment has been made you will receive a payment confirmation email to the email address used for your application. The payment confirmation email will state the amount paid and application details.

If my e-Visa application is denied, will my payment be refunded?

No. e-Visa fee is not refundable.

I have realized that some information on my e-Visa does not match the information on my travel document/passport. I know that my e-Visa is invalid. Can I get a refund?

No. The applicant is responsible for any mistakes made in his/her application.

Can I get a refund if I do not use my e-Visa?

No. Visa fee is not refundable.

What kind of Documentation I need to apply for e-Visa?

You will need valid travel Document/Passport, Photo and Credit/debit card. You need to have scanned images of your Document/Passport and digital photo to attach them to your electronic application according to the visa type.

On which language should I present documentation?

All documentation should be presented in Kyrgyz or Russian languages or translated to these languages.

What are the requirements to my travel document/passport?

Your travel document must meet the following criteria:
-Its validity shall extend at least for 6 months after the validity period of requested Kyrgyz visa
-Document should include not less then 2 free pages.
-Should not be damaged and should not include unofficial remarks.


How long will my e-Visa be valid for?

The validity period of an e-Visa varies according to visa type, quantity of entry times and Country of Travel Document/Passport. After getting your e-Visa application confirmed, the confirmation page will provide information about your e-Visa validity period.

What is the difference between validity period and Duration of stay?

Understanding the difference between the visa validity period and duration of stay is important. Validity period of a visa is generally longer than its duration. The validity establishes the first and last dates during which the visa can be used. The visa expires on the last day of its validity. Duration of stay indicates the length of time you have permission to remain in Kyrgyzstan within the validity period of the visa.

I have accidentally deleted the mail with reference number of my e-Visa application. What should I do?

Please, contact the support desk for this matter:

Apply for visa
Continue application
Check status
Contact us

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of the Kyrgyz Republic