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In order to check status of your application or continue unfinished application, please enter your application reference number in the relevant box. If you do not know this number, you can find it in the e-mail message that we sent to you. It is 8-symbol alphanumeric code.

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If you have any questions, please write to Visa Center WhatsApp +996703428865

Dear applicants, we kindly ask you to check your email address for returned applications which may happen as a result of incorrect filling out of the questionnaire or non-compliance of the documents with the requirements.

Please avoid buying the air ticket before getting the notice of approval to you the electronic visa

In accordance with the resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of March 5, 2021 No. 73, from March 20, 2021, changes are made to the rates of funds charged for visa processing and visa support. You can find out about these rates on the Instagram page of the Visa Center of the Kyrgyz Republic @visacenterkg.

Dear applicants, if you have a travel document of a refugee, a stateless person or another travel document that differs from the ordinary passport of a citizen of any country, we kindly ask you to upload a scan of the external side (cover) of this document in order to avoid a delay of application’s consideration.

Dear applicants, application’s consideration takes 5 working days once all required documents are provided.